Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 28th 7-10pm. Come enjoy time in the gym, pool or rockwall!
Light snacks and drinks will be for sale.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

TRE PTA meeting notes Jan 12, 2012

                      TRE PTA MEETING
                   TRE Media Room
                   January 12, 2012

                                        Members Present:
                                       Cindi Palicki                Kerragan Gandee
                                       Danielle Gandee        Nicole Hite
                                       Karin Sullivan              Lynn Haberland
                                       Ken Graf                       Sandy Kraine
                                       Lisa Jones                   Kate Schmus
                                       Amy Tennant               Selena Landolt
                                       Gayle Deleon

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 3:35 by TRE PTA President Kate Schmus leading the pledge.

                                        Secretary Report:  By TRE PTA Secretary Selena Landolt
                                         -Minutes from last meeting distributed to members present
                                         -Motion to approve: Lisa Jones, 2nd Karin Sullivan

                                        Guest Speaker: Sandy Kraine
                                        -promoting all day kindergarten and early enrollment
                                        -drawing for an IPad for those students who register early for kindergarten

                                        Treasurer’s Report:  by TRE PTA Treasurer Jodi Reitz
-provided in writing by Jodi Reitz
-motion to approve: Lisa Jones, 2nd Karin Sullivan

               Teacher’s comments:  Karin Sullivan introduced Lynn Haverlin, she really wants to help out.

               Principal’s comments:  There are new name tags for “frequent flyer” parents instead of always taking the white stickers. The name tags are in the folder and you sign in on the green sheet.  Family fun night is coming up and that will be fun. The 4th and 5th graders are having a Geography Bee in the cafeteria wed the 18th.

              Committee Reports:
                                       -reminder for Kroger enrollment
                                       -Food town receipts we have had 70,000 in the past by now and we now have 100,000.
                                       -Campbells labels/box top contest is coming to an end Jan 31.
                                       -Gingerbread shop we made $490. We usually do $1200 but we had more low ticket items. We wanted the kids to enjoy buying gifts rather than making money.
                                       -Auction making baskets and will start collecting the teachers boxes of things the kids brought in. We will be having an Ipad drawing and 50/50 raffle. We also have Symphony tickets, 2 fire truck rides and Vitos will be catering the pizza.

                                       Announcements: by TRE President Kate Schmus
                                       -Chuck E Cheese night Jan 24
                                       -Family Fun night Jan 28th we are still looking for volunteers. We will have the rock wall, swimming, and use of the gym. This is a family event and the cost is $5 a family. You have to have tennis shoes if you are going to do the rock wall.
                                       -Antiquities Feb 18th-19. We are selling coupons for $10 and you get a free 10x13 antique style portrait. You can sell coupons and if you sell 10 you get a free package. The more you sell, the more portraits you get for free. We will be calling to set the schedule the week of Feb. 10th. 100% of the $10 from each coupon sold goes to TRE.

                                       Motion to Adjourn:  3:52pm by Karin Sullivan, 2nd Lisa Jones