Thursday, December 20, 2012

PTA meeting notes Dec 13, 2012

Mrs. Quinlan’s room
Dec 13, 2012
Members Present:
Selena Landolt                  Lynn Haberland             Lisa Jones             Bev Cordray               Danielle Gandee                      Tara Vancena                  Sarah Enriquez                Jodi Reitz               Ken Graf

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 3:36pm by TRE PTA President Kate Schmus leading the pledge.

Secretary Report: By TRE PTA Secretary Selena Landolt. -Minutes from last meeting distributed to members present -Motion to approve: Lisa Jones, 2nd Lynn Haberland

Treasurer’s Report: By TRE PTA Treasurer Jodi Rietz
-Provided in writing by Jodi Reitz
-$450 spent on new headphones for classes, earned $1440 from Mixed bags 

-Motion to approve: Lisa Jones, 2nd Sarah Enriquez

Teacher’s Comments: Mrs. Hite said thank you for the cameras we have been using it to skype with other kids in mystery areas trying to guess where they are from. Gingerbread shop is a hit, we love all the choices and that everything is the same $1.50 price. The kids love it.

Principal Comments: Ken Graf stated lots of positive comments about the gingerbread shop this year. The 2nd grade program was great, the kids are performing it for the school too. We are all looking forward to break.

Presentation by Bev Cordray- The reading teachers have discussed the 1 district 1 book. It is a program where each family in the district including teachers and employees will get the same book to read at the same time. The book is the Trumpet of swan. There will be a reading schedule so everyone is reading the same parts so they can discuss
it as a community. There will be an assembly, trivia questions, and projects to go along with the program. When a whole community reads a book there is a lot to talk about. Knights of Columbus and the Lions den along with the PTA will be sponsoring our membership to allow this program plus Scholastic will be giving us a discount on the books. It is $250 per school to become a lifetime member and we will need about 1,700 books. March 1st is the kickoff.

Committee Reports
-Mixed bags earned our school $1,400
-Market day has a special Superbowl party deal on page 4. We have raised a total of $224.72 with Market day fundraising..
-Gingerbread shop is a hit, the kids love it. It is going very smoothly and Diane Walker has done a great job.

Motion to adjourn: 4:07 by Lisa Jones, 2nd Lynn Haberland