Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Book fair is September 24-28th

The Book fair is coming September 24-28. It will be open on Tuesday night September 25 from 5-8 so bring your children and select your books together. It is also Pizza Primo night so have a family dinner out at Pizza Primo to support TRE and then bring your receipt to the book fair and get 10% off your book purchase too!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

PTA meeting notes from Sept 13, 2012

              TRE PTA MEETING
                                  TRE Media Room
                                   September 13, 2012

Members Present  Jennifer Runyon     Alison Brannon         Lisa Jones                Carrie Staley              Ken Graf
                               Lynn Haberland         Jodi Reitz                   Amy Tennant          Angie Almomar         Tara Vancena
                               Kate Schmus               Dianne Walker          Selena Landolt         Nicole Hite

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 3:35 by TRE PTA President Kate Schmus leading the pledge.

Secretary Report:  By TRE PTA Secretary Selena Landolt
-Minutes from last meeting distributed to members present
-Motion to approve: Lisa Jones, 2nd Amy Tennant

Treasurer’s Report: by TRE PTA Treasurer Jodi Reitz
-Provided in writing by Jodi Reitz
-Motion to approve: Lisa Jones, 2nd Dianne Walker

Treasurer Report Highlights: What does PTA do and where does all of the PTA money go? Assemblies, classroom extras, computer lab, field trips, 5th grade camp, Meap snacks, Library and AR, Reading program, Playground, Staff Appreciation week, School improvements and more totaling over 14,400 for last year. Funds that are used for members include babysitting for PTA meetings, Family fun events (movie night, ice cream social, donuts with dad), Kindergarten and 5th grade recognition, Tiger Tales, Directory and Scholarships totaling $3800 last year.

Teacher’s comments Thank you for the Document cameras for the classrooms. They are cameras that project what we are working on taking the place of transparency.

Principal Comments: Smooth beginning to the school year. Magazine sales have kicked off and the money goes towards field trips and more. We are trying to maximize time on task so to do so we are now doing just quick basic announcements in the morning.  We are also doing announcements at the end of the day. Picture day is tomorrow (Friday). I want to recognize Amy Crawford and the students who maintain the outside improvements. We have some new staff and a few moves within the building. Our new teachers are Mrs. Neboyskey, Mrs. Dierks who teach 2nd grade. I also want to recognize Kate and Nancy in the lunchroom who helped a choking child.
 Committee Reports
-Mrs. Obee has stepped down as the teacher rep and Mrs. Vancena is stepping in to be our new teacher rep.

Announcements: by TRE President Kate Schmus
-Book fair is September 24-28 and the late night will be Tues. night from 5-8/ It is also Pizza primo night so go to Pizza Primo for dinner and bring your receipt to the bookfair and get 10% off your bookfair purchase. Plus a portion of Pizza Primo sales for the night goes to TRE.
-Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser: Oct 26-Nov 9. They offer adorable bags, totes, lunch bags, reusable baggies, cups, and more in different cute prints. 50% of the sales go to TRE. The most expensive thing is $39 for a huge bag.
-Bookflix is still good this year we purchased it with our Scholastic money. 
-Pizza Primo night September 24 and 25
-Pictures Friday Sept 14.
-Lynn Haberland is taking over Market day. Market day has lots of the kids favorites like Bosco sticks and big goldfish that you can’t find many places. You can order and pick it up at the specific date on the flyer at TRE. You can order online or on the flyer that goes home.

 Motion to Adjourn:  4:13pm by Ken Graf, 2nd Lisa Jones