Monday, April 22, 2013

April 11, 2013

Members Present:
Selena Landolt Sarah Enriquez Lisa Jones

Jodi Reitz Kate Schmus Kim Stensaker Tara Vancena
Amy Tennant
Call to order: Meeting called to order at 3:33pm by TRE PTA President Kate Schmus leading the pledge.
Secretary Report: By TRE PTA Secretary Selena Landolt. ­Minutes from last meeting distributed to members present ­Motion to approve: Karin Sullivan, 2nd Lisa Jones Treasurer’s Report: By TRE PTA Treasurer Jodi Rietz ­Provided in writing by Jodi Reitz
­Motion to approve: Lisa Jones, 2nd Karin Sullivan
Teacher’s Comments: Mrs. Sullivan stated that they are collecting scholarship applications. The recipient will speak at 5th grade recognition. Thanks for the lunch and desserts the other day, they were great.
Principal Comments:
Committee Reports
­Sock hop rescheduled for April 19th 6­8pm hot dogs, chips and drink available for $2.
­Book fair April 22­26. We will be taking book fair profits as cash and each child will get a free book at the book fair. ­VIP day is April 26 at 1:30.
­Market day orders are due today by 11pm.
­End of the year party ideas discussed. .
Motion to adjourn: 4:33 by Karin Sullivan, 2nd Lisa Jones
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